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A will be one of the most important documents you’ll ever sign, when it comes to protecting your assets and estate for you loved ones. When you have a will, an executor will be assigned and will be the person who controls what happens to the estate of the deceased. They only become executor to the will after the person dies. This is why a will is so very important to prepare. Many people think that you should only prepare a will when you become old. But you should make a will as soon as you become of legal age and have assets to protect. If you were to die suddenly from an accident or become incapacitated and not able to make decisions, the will can provide protection for your assets and make sure they are given to who you choose. A will indicates legally how your estate will be dispersed when you pass. A will can also be changed while you are alive and can also be used to ensure who becomes the guardian for any minor children.
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A will may also be challenged and if a legal challenge is made to a will it will most likely end up in the court system under probate. A living will allows person to make medical decisions for them once they become incapacitated or unable to make the decisions. It may also be a good idea to have a health care power of attorney included with your living will. A living trust is used to manage the estate and keep it from going into probate in the court system. A living trust can only protect you from probate if the assets are placed into it. Probate is a legal document which allows a will to disperse a person’s estate after they pass. Probate without the proper protection from a will or trust can result in your estate ending up in limbo in the court system. This court probate can take a long time, be very costly and created unwanted stress about the division of your estate between your loved ones. With a trust your estate will remain out of the court system and be distributed privately. There are some assets such as death proceeds from an insurance policy that is not affected by probate. Without a will or a trust the estate may go into probate and all decisions and distribution of the estate will be left to the court. Many times this may turn into a long drawn out and expensive process.
A power of attorney allows an attorney that represents their client in both private and legal matters. The grantor is the person who gives permission for the attorney to use the power of attorney. There are different kinds of power of attorney such as an oral and a written power of attorney. The written power of attorney is usually needed for banks, hospital and other institutions. In some case an oral power of attorney is acceptable in court. There are several types of power of attorney. A durable power of attorney allows the attorney to remain in control after the person dies or becomes unable to make decisions due to an accident or mental illness. If the attorney does not have a durable power of
    Services Provided Include:

    Probate of Wills
    Power of Attorney
    Preparation of Wills
    Affidavits of Heirship
    Small Estate Affidavits
    Medical Powers of Attorney
    Durable Powers of Attorney
    Directive to Physicians (Living Will )
    Hospital or Home Visits as needed
    Administration of Estates with no will
attorney his control will cease when the person dies or becomes incapacitated. There is also a medical power of attorney. This allows the attorney to make health care related decisions for their client but the client may make any changes to this power of attorney. Many times this type of power of attorney may be covered under the durable power of attorney. When a person want to choose exactly what parts they would like their attorney to handle a special power of attorney can be used. This delegates certain power to the attorney to handle things such as real estate, collecting debt and even handling business transactions.
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probate arlington
power of attorney arlington
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